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    Jun 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Augusta University Catalog 
2023-2024 Augusta University Catalog

Military Science Curriculum

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Program Overview

To recruit, educate, train, and commission leaders of character for the total army.  To commission Second Lieutenants who demonstrate the potential to be agile, adaptive, and innovative tactical leaders capable of succeeding in complex situations.

Admissions Information

A student enrolled in basic course classes incurs no obligation to the U .S. Army. Advanced course students are obligated to serve and will receive a subsistence allowance of $450/500 per month for up to 20 academic months while in college. Other training opportunities such as Air Assault, Airborne School, Arctic Warfare School, and Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT) in active units are available on a competitive basis with military subsistence and some paid benefits. A student in any major/minor field of study is eligible. During the senior year of study (MS IV), the student is offered the option to select the type of job that he or she desires to perform, the first permanent duty post, and the type of commission, either Regular Army or Army Reserve, that he or she prefers. The Army at no charge provides all necessary uniforms to the individual.

Progression & Graduation Requirements
  • Academic credit, applicable toward graduation, is granted for all military science course work.
  • Any advanced course credits earned apply within the general studies minor.
  • The principal element of the Professional Military Education (PME) requirement is the bachelor’s degree. As an integral part of that undergraduate education, prospective officers are required to take at least one course in military history and consult the Department Chair of Military Science for approved courses.

Leader’s Training Course:

The Leader’s Training Course is a 28-day “World-Class” leadership development experience qualifying and motivating college students to enter into the senior Army ROTC program. A student who did not participate in the basic program who has no more than two years remaining before graduation may qualify for the advanced program through the summer course given at Fort Knox, KY each year. Graduate students are eligible for this program as well; those attending receive approximately $800 with all meals, lodging, and transportation while attending the summer internship. This program enables the student to determine if he or she desires a career in the military and qualifies the student for the advanced course if he or she chooses. No obligation is incurred by attending Leader’s Training Course, (MILS 3060 - Leadership Training Course Summer Internship (3 Credit Hours) .) Successful completion of this course can qualify the student for a two year scholarship for the remaining two years.


While the normal sequence of course work requires two full academic years, it is possible to compress the course work into less than two years by taking two Military Science courses during the same semester. Compression is not recommended or desired but will be considered on an individual basis by the Department Chair.


Credit for all or part of the basic course may be granted upon presentation of evidence that the student has had equivalent training. Examples of such training are active military service, Senior Division Navy or Air Force ROTC credit, or 3 years Junior ROTC credit. In every case, exemption credit must be approved by the Department Chair. No academic credit is given for courses exempted under this program.

Eligibility Requirements for Advanced Course:

GPA of 2.00 or higher; completion or credit for completion of the basic course; meeting Army physical requirements; have no more than two years remaining until graduation; permission of the Department Chair.

Leadership Development and Assessment Course:

A five-week summer course conducted at Fort Knox, KY. Only open to (and required of) students who have completed MILS 3011  and MILS 3021 . Students will also receive half the base pay of a Sergeant for 5 weeks (approximately $800). Travel, lodging and meal costs are defrayed by the U.S. Army. The Leader Development and Assessment Course environment is highly structured and demanding stressing, leadership at small unit levels under varying, challenging conditions. Prior to attending this course students must demonstrate and be able to pass a swim test. This swim test consists of a 10 minute swim using any combination of strokes and 5 minutes treading water.

Professional Military Education Requirements

The principal element of the Professional Military Education (PME) requirement is the bachelor’s degree. As an integral part of that undergraduate education, prospective officers are required to take at least one course in Military History and consult the department chair of Military Science for approved courses.

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