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    Jun 20, 2024  
2021-2022 Augusta University Catalog 
2021-2022 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Medicine (Main Campus)

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Program Overview

The following curriculum requirements are for the Clerkship/Advanced Clerkship/Enrichment Experiences (formerly Phase 3).  These requirements will take affect beginning with the class that entered in the fall semester of 2020 – the Class of 2024 (Class of 2023 for three year students).

By the conclusion of the Preclerkship Experience, students must have chosen one of three pathways.  The three year Primary Care Residency Pathway, the Dual Degree Pathway, or the four year Residency Jump Start Pathway.  All students regardless of Pathway choice must complete the requirements of the Core Curriculum outlined below.

  • Clerkships
  • Clerkship Experience: Students must complete seven clerkships during the clerkship phase before being promoted to the Advanced Clerkship Experience.  These are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery.  Clerkships may be taken in any order or altogether in the form of an LIC.  Depending on the students Pathway of choice, clerkships may be interrupted by electives.
  • Advanced Clerkship Experience: Upon promotion to the Advanced Clerkship Experience, students must complete a clerkship in Emergency Medicine.  This clerkship is taken during the Advanced Clerkship Experience except in the case of a student on the 3-year Primary Care Pathway who is an Emergency Medicine student - These students will complete the Emergency Medicine clerkship during the Clerkship Experience.
  • Selectives: As a part of the core curriculum, students must complete three 4-week clinical selectives.  These are Ambulatory, Critical Care, and Sub-Internship.  Courses that meet the clinical selective requirement are available in a variety of different departments.  The clinical selectives are completed as a part of the Advanced Clerkship Experience.  Students on the Residency Jump Start Pathway have additional selective requirements which are described below.
  • Patient Centered Learning (PCL): Students must complete the PCL – Clerkship/Advanced Clerkship courses during the Clerkship Experience and the Advanced Clerkship Experience.  These courses run concurrently with the Clerkship and Advanced Clerkship curriculum.  The PCL course includes a two week Jump Start in every semester, during which time students are not engaged in any other course work.
  • USMLE Prep: Students must complete an eight -week USMLE prep course during the core curriculum.  For most students, this will take place immediately following the completion of the Clerkship Experience.  Under certain circumstances, students may be granted permission to use an elective period during the Clerkship Experience to complete this course.  Students are encouraged but not required to take the USMLE exams – USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge) during this prep course.
  • Electives: Students must complete 6 weeks of elective courses.  One elective during this time must be a four week clinical elective, otherwise electives may vary in length from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of six weeks.  Electives are generally completed during the Advanced Clerkship Experience, but depending on the prerequisites for the elective and the student’s chosen pathway, some electives may be completed during the Clerkship Experience.  Selective courses (Ambulatory, Critical Care, Sub-I etc.) which are taken in in excess of the selective requirements may be counted as electives.   
  • USMLE Step 1 and Step 2: Students must pass USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK prior to graduation.  The timing of these tests is dependent on the individual student, pathway choice, and residential campus. *USMLE Step 2 requirement removed effective Spring 2022.

Note: As a part of the Core Curriculum, students may complete up to four weeks of electives off campus on a visiting elective. 

In addition to the requirements of the Core Curriculum, students on the Residency Jump Start and Dual Degree Pathways have further requirements outlined below during the Enrichment Year.

  • Patient Centered Learning: Students in both of these pathways must complete two additional PCL – Enrichment courses.  These courses will be taken concurrently with all other curricular requirements.  The PCL – Enrichment courses also include a second two-week jump start course.
  • Selectives: Students in the Residency Jump Start Pathway must complete one 4 week/8 hr. Advanced Clinical Elective, one Integrative Science selective, and one Scholarly Project selective.  Any combination of two of these three selectives may be used to fulfill the other 2 enrichment selective requirements for a total of 5 selective blocks.  Unless specified, four week/8hr clinical electives, including off campus electives, will fulfill the Advanced Clinical selective requirement.
  • Electives: Students on the Residency Jump Start Pathway must complete an additional eight weeks/16 hrs. of electives in blocks ranging from two to six weeks in length.
  • Dual Degree Courses: Students on the Dual Degree Pathway must complete the requirements of their chosen second degree.

Note: Students in these two Pathways may take an additional eight weeks of time off campus to fulfill the selective or elective requirements for graduation.  Students may take as much time off campus as they wish, but no more than twelve weeks (four weeks in Core and eight weeks in Enrichment) will be counted toward the graduation requirements.

Program Coordinator
Associate Dean for Curriculum: Renee Page, MD
Admissions Information

Please see the MCG Admissions website for specific admissions information.

Curriculum for Main Campus Students

Year One

Year Two

Advanced Clerkship:

Total Hours for the Three Year Curriculum: 354 Hours

Required: 24 Hours

Required - 4 Week/8 Hr Advanced Clerkship Clinical Elective OR Scholarly Project (MEDI 5088 ) OR Integrative Science (MEDI 5005) 

Required - One 4-week/8 Hr Clinical Elective

Electives: 16 Hours

Required Electives-8 weeks (combination of 4 and 2 week electives totaling 16 Hours).

Total Hours for the Four Year Curriculum: 423 Hours

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