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    Augusta University
  Aug 17, 2017
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2017-2018 Augusta University Catalog

Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Molecular Medicine

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Year One Biomedical Sciences PhD Core Curriculum

Semester Two

Semester Three

Year Two

The Doctor of Philosophy curriculum is not lock-step; students do not graduate as a class at the end of a specific semester. The average time to degree is approximately 5 years of full-time, year-round study; acceptable duration of the program is between 3 and 7 years. The number and type of advanced (2nd year and beyond) or elective courses vary, and may include courses within the Molecular Medicine program as well as courses in other disciplines.

Molecular Medicine Advanced Courses

Elective Course Options (Minimum of six credit hours)

Additional Requirements

In addition to specific course requirements, students must complete additional PhD degree requirements, including satisfactory performance on the Comprehensive Examination, development and approval of a research proposal, writing and approval of the doctoral dissertation, and satisfactory performance on the Final Oral Examination (dissertation defense). See PhD Student Guide for additional requirements and details.

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