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2017-2018 Augusta University Catalog 
2017-2018 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NURS 8319 - FNP Practice III: for the Post Graduate Certificate

This course provides the student with clinical experiences within the scope of the Family Nurse Practitioner centered on health promotion, disease promotion, early detection, and management of common acute and chronic health problems of the elderly client and his family. The nurse practitioner’s role in promoting successful aging, maintaining function and promoting self care, through the use of the community, personal and family resources is stressed. Common geriatric syndromes and problems including chronic illnesses and their management are emphasized. Ethical dilemmas that impact the health care of the older adult are integrated throughout the course.

Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory

Credit Hours: 2
Other Contact Hours: 2

Repeat Status: No

Program Restrictions: CERM_FNUP-Cert in Family Nurse Pract

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