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2022-2023 Augusta University Catalog 
2022-2023 Augusta University Catalog

Master of Science with a Major in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical/Counseling

Program Overview

The clinical/counseling track offers a thesis or a non-thesis (internship) option. The plan of study, as approved by the student’s Academic Advisor and the Director of the Graduate Program, is used to determine whether the student will be in the thesis or internship track. The non-thesis option requires the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 53 semester hours of graduate courses as detailed below. Students who pursue the non-thesis option will need to complete at least 8 hours of PSYC 6960 - Clinical Internship (1 TO 9 Credit Hours) . All clinical/counseling students are strongly encouraged to carefully study the license requirements in the states where they may be employed in the future. For this track, at least 50 of the total hours required must be earned in the major field; and at least 45 of the 53 hours should be in content courses (not PSYC 6940 - Industrial-Organization Internship (1 TO 3 Credit Hours) PSYC 6960 - Clinical Internship (1 TO 9 Credit Hours) ,PSYC 6970 - Teaching Internship (1 TO 9 Credit Hours) PSYC 6980 - Research Internship (1 TO 9 Credit Hours)  and/or PSYC 6990 - Thesis Research (1 TO 3 Credit Hours) ).

Program Contact
Dr. Michael Hoane
Admissions Information

For more information on admissions requirements, please visit the Office of Admissions website.

Program Length: 2 Years
CIP Code: 42.0101
Program Code: 1MS-PSYCH-MS

Non-Thesis Track: 53-61 Hours

Thesis Track: 51-60 Hours

Total Hours for the Degree: 51-60 Hours