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2021-2022 Augusta University Catalog 
2021-2022 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Education with a Major in Instruction with a concentration in P-12 Drama

Program Overview

The Master of Education in Instruction degree at Augusta University is designed for educators who: 1. hold a valid teaching license, 2. are  interested in enhancing their professional practice through the study of advanced professional knowledge related to teaching, managing, and learning in P-12 schools.

The program is grounded on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards five core propositions:

  1. Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
  2. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.
  3. Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
  4. Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.
  5. Teachers are members of learning communities.

The program is aligned with and addresses the Georgia Department of Education’s TAPS performance standards and the teacher evaluation system.
The M.Ed. in Instruction is dedicated to: Empowering teachers to take control of their own professional development.

  • Improving teaching practices leading to improved K-12 student learning.
  • Integrating theory, research, and classroom data with advanced practical teaching strategies for classroom implementation.
  • Improving teaching practices in the areas of:
  • teaching and learning strategies,
  • classroom management,
  • instructional technology,
  • teaching diverse learners in the local context,
  • designing and implementing relevant classroom assessments, and
  • using data to inform and improve practice.

This fully online program consists of 36 semester hours.  All field assignments and content coursework will reflect existing certification areas.  Each course in the program will require field experiences. Georgia Educators must hold a valid, level 4 or higher Induction, Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate, leadership certificate, service field certificate, or Life certificate for program admission. Applicants who are interested in this degree but do not hold a teaching certificate should contact the Program Director or the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the College of Education.

Program Contact
Program Coordinator: Dr. Ashley Gess
Program Accreditation

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission recognizes the M.Ed. in Instruction as an approved program leading to a certificate upgrade.

Admissions Information

For more information, please visit the Office of Admissions website at

Progress & Graduation Requirements
  • Completion of 36 hour program of study with GPA of 3.0 or higher

Electives: 6 Hours

Electives must be approved by the advisor.

  • Elective One- 3 Credit Hours
  • Elective Two- 3 Credit Hours

Endorsement: 9 Hours

Students will select (with advisor’s approval) an endorsement or certificate to add to their teaching credentials. Possibilities include:

  • Computer Science Endorsement
  • ESOL Endorsement
  • Gifted Endorsement
  • PBIS Endorsement
  • Reading Endorsement
  • STEM Endorsement

Total Hours for the Degree: 36 Hours

*Must be taken during the first semester in the program.

**Must be taken during the last semester in the program.