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2020-2021 Augusta University Catalog 
2020-2021 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Georgia WebMBA

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Program Overview

The online program delivers an internationally accredited, accelerated MBA degree with the same quality and service offered on campus.

This online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is offered through the Georgia WebMBA®, a consortium of AACSB-accredited schools. Emphasis is placed upon global business, human behavior, organizations, accounting, operations, marketing, finance, management information systems, and their impact on managerial decision making. The program focuses on the practical application of these tools, techniques, and concepts.

The WebMBA is a 30-hour program, requiring a student to complete 10 graduate courses. The program opens three cohorts in fall and spring with students taking two courses each semester for five consecutive semesters. This degree is 100% online.

The program is delivered by six University System of Georgia schools, all fully accredited by AACSB International.  It was developed by a group of faculty, directors, and deans in the late 1990s to provide access to an MBA for potential students who could not attend campus programs because of driving distance, work schedule, or family obligations. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved the pilot program in 2000. Permanent status was granted in 2002.

Program Contact
Karleigh King, MBA Program Manager
Admissions Information

For more information on admissions, please see the Office of Admissions website.

Progression & Graduation Requirements

The Georgia WebMBA graduation requirements mirror the requirements of the home institution.  Therefore, the graduation requirements are the same as those for the Hull MBA face-to-face program at AU.

  • Hull MBA students are to maintain a 2.8 GPA or higher to remain in good academic standing, but will require a 3.0 for graduation.
  • All requirements for the Hull MBA degree must be completed within 5 consecutive years.
  • A grade of C or better required in all courses.

Additional progression requirements are listed under Additional Academic Policies in the WebMBA Student Handbook attached.

1. Once students are admitted into one university, they cannot move to another university.
2. Students in one cohort can take courses only in that cohort.
3. Students admitted into one cohort cannot shift cohorts: such as, they have aid for which they must take two courses per semester, but they have transfer credit, reducing the number of courses to 1; they are dissatisfied with their team and cannot get on another one in their current cohort; they fail an existing course in their cohort and must make it up.
4. Students who fail a course have options to redo the course, if a faculty member is willing to do a directed study, and if the Home Institution’s MBA Director approves it and the school policy allows it, or if there is another appropriate venue. The school or faculty has no obligation to do a
directed study or extension. The course would have to be an existing Home Institution course that is comparable to the Georgia WebMBA course. At the discretion of the MBA Director and/or other appropriate administrator and policy, the student could take a course from another
institution, as long as the transfer policy is met: AACSB accredited and course matches the WebMBA’s curriculum. Credit must be transferrable. Also, the student will have only one semester to make up the course. The Home Institution’s MBA Director, in consultation with that institution’s dean and the WebMBA Administration, will determine other alternatives, ensuring AACSB compliance.
5. Students who cannot continue in the program (current cohort and team) and withdraw, and then seek to be re-admitted, must be re-admitted to the program under the guidelines of his/her Home
Institution. Students cannot transfer back into the program after their third consecutive semester; i.e., a student cannot withdraw during or at the end of the fourth semester, then rejoin for the fourth and/or fifth semester. Students rejoining the program must attend the orientation (paying
the orientation fee again) and must work with a new team.
6. A student’s alleged academic honesty violations will be discussed first between the faculty and student; then between faculty and the WebMBA Administration, then with the Home Institution’s MBA Director. Students are held to both their Home Institutions’ policies and to the course
policies documented by their professors.
7. Guidelines for assigning an “I” grade and the process for completing it will be discussed among the student, faculty, and Home Institution’s MBA Director - in keeping with the Home Institution’s policy. The Home Institution’s policies determine how grades are handled.
8. Student and faculty communication conduct: Students and faculty must communicate professionally at all times. The Managing Director of the WebMBA works with faculty, the Home Institution’s MBA Director and the Dean. It is especially important for the Home Institution’s MBA Director to be informed when a student’s communication may be inappropriate, since a discussion with the student may be required. The same holds true for
9. Students will follow guidelines set forth at orientation for perceived issues with courses: first review Course Standards, discuss with their teams, then team liaison talks with professor. If issues are perceived as continuing or are not recognized by the professors, students can contact
the Administrative Director of the WebMBA. The Administrative Director will then contact the faculty member, and if necessary, the dean.
10. Faculty has the obligation to discuss any course issues with the WebMBA Administration to develop a plan of action.

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