Feb 21, 2020  
2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog 
2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog

ENGL 1114H - Honors Freshman Composition II (3 Credit Hours)

A literature-based composition course, ENGL 1114 emphasizes research, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. Based in literature which reflects cultural diversity, English 1114 explores a greater variety of literature and of theoretical approaches to literature than is possible in English 1102. This course includes instruction in library and computer-based research and correct reporting and documenting of research in a lengthy paper. A grade of C or better is required. A student who fails to make a C or better in 1114 must take English 1102. Prerequisite(s): Satisfactory completion of English 1113/Eligibility for honors English/Invitation of the Department.

Lecture Hours: 3

Grade Mode: Normal, Audit
Prerequisites: (ENGL1113 >= C or ENGL1113H >= C) or ( or )
Repeat Status: No
Schedule Type: Lecture

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