Jun 20, 2019  
2018-2019 Augusta University Catalog 
2018-2019 Augusta University Catalog

DPAT 5603 - Oral Pathology

This course examines the etiology and pathogenesis of oral and paraoral diseases in basic oral & maxillofacial pathology. The subject matter includes an introduction and biopsy techniques, developmental defects and anomalies, abnormalities of teeth, pupal/periapical diseases, periodontal diseases, bacterial infections, fungal and protozoal diseases, viral infections, physical and chemical injuries, allergies and immunologic diseases, oral cancer and epithelial pathology, and salivary gland pathology. The course is conducted via lectures coupled with clinico-pathology conferences which emphasize the development of a differential diagnosis and establishment of a final diagnosis.

Credit Hours: 5
Lecture Hours: 5

Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Repeat Status: No
Major Restrictions: Advanced Standing DMD
Schedule Type: Lecture

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