May 26, 2019  
2017-2018 Augusta University Catalog 
2017-2018 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ART 3231 - Photography I for art majors and art minors

In our world, image-capturing seamlessly integrates into the fabric of society. Students are introduced to compositional concerns and photographic processes as ways to enhance personal expression. Students learn both digital and film-based processes as well as digital editing through industry standard software. A limited number of digital cameras are available for rent at no charge.

Grade Mode: Normal, Audit

Prerequisites: (ART1520 >= C or ART102 >= C) and (ART1530 >= C or ART103 >= C) and (ART1211 >= C or ART131 >= C)

Credit Hours: 3
Lecture Hours: 3 Lab Hours: 3

Repeat Status: No

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