Jun 16, 2021  
2014-2015 Georgia Regents University Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Georgia Regents University Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HONR 4000 - Honors Thesis

(Hours credit determined case by case by honors advisor, department chair, and Honors Committee chair) A directed project wherein the student works closely with an honors advisor, usually in her or his major department, to develop an acceptable honors thesis based on an approved thesis proposal designed in HONR 3999. Depending on the field in which the work is being done, an honors thesis may take a variety of forms: e.g. traditional library research, an original piece of quantitative or qualitative research, a critical or appreciative essay, an exhibit or performance accompanied by a reflective, analytic essay, a substantial work of fiction or poetry, or an analysis growing out of an internship. The thesis is the work of an individual student, working closely with an advisor, usually in the student’s major discipline. The thesis will be presented before members of the honors student community and reviewed by and discussed with a panel established by the Honors Committee who will share their comments and recommendations with the writer and advisor. The evaluation of the thesis and the awarding of credit are the responsibility of the advisor. Prerequisite(s): Junior status, admission to the GRU Honors Program, and HONR 3999.

Grade Mode: Normal, Audit

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: (HONR3999 >= C)

Credit Hours: 2 to 3
Lecture Hours: 2 to 3

Class Restrictions: Junior-Semester, Senior-Semester

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